DEMON has produced the finest, safest, most comfortable protective gear on the market. With the thought of the rider, skater, skier, boarder and any other sport that deals with gravity, we have been able to create a gear line to protect, what is most important to the athlete, and that is KEEPING YOU FROM AN EARLY GRAVE.



Demon's X series incorporates the finest materials, craftsmanship and technology. We utilze D30 impact absorbing material in the X series which provides the highest level of protection we offer.


Demon's Pro series provides high level protection at a lower price. We use the same materals as our X series but use EVA and YF impact absorbing materials. A great option on a budget without sacrificing quality.


Demon's Shield series incorporates poly carbonate and other shock absorbing materals to create a different feel and look than the X and Pro series. Offering great protection and looks, the Shield series continues to dominate.

Demon has been commited from the begining, to keep you from an early grave. What this means is that we provide you with the best and highest quality of gear. Working with the people that use their gear  on a daily basis, getting their feed back we are able to make the safest and the best equipment.

Keeping you from an early grave